BUSINESSEUROPE Position Paper on climate change

Giu 11, 2015

Is online the position paper developed by BUSINESSEUROPE for the next United Nations Conference about climate change (which will be held in Paris, next December).

The document identifies and describes the priorities for the european industry relatively to the international talks and negotiations about climate change: establishing a leveled playing field, in order to push extra-EU competitors to improve regulations and conditions, to make them comparable to the ones found in the european industrial system, and to align the costs sustained by european companies for CO2 emissions to the other markets.

These are the drivers that have been deemed to be fundamental for the achievement of the goal:


  • A legally binding agreement
  • A geographical scope to be as wide as possible
  • Comparable mitigation efforts from other advanced economies
  • Adequate incentives for the development and connection of carbon markets
  • The opening of an official channel to guarantee industry engagement
  • A shared measurement, report and control system
  • A periodic review process and an adequate enforcement body
  • The inclusion of emissions pertaining to the use of the soil and the exploitation of forests (LULUCF), to the aviation sector and the global shipping industry.


You can find the complete pdf of the paper here.


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