Electric cars as mobile power plants, they will recharge our houses

Dic 9, 2015

Infografica Vehicle to Grid-U43070471244563d6B-U43140842321441eE-593x443@Innovazione-Web

Think about getting back from work with your electric car, fully charged with energy, which cost you a few Euros, and has been delivered by the office charging station during the solar production peak hours. When you get home, it’s 6 PM, the price of energy is at its daily top, and you plug the car to the grid. The car battey will power the living room lights and the washing machine, allowing you to save money on your electricity bill and have access to your own energì backup, in case of blackouts.

This is the scenario Nissan and Enel are working on; it has been presented in Paris, during Cop21, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

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