February 2nd: SOS LOG participates in the "Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry" forum

Gen 26, 2017

Shipping meets Logistics

Thursday February 2nd SOS LOG will take part in the “Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry” forum, a chance to spark discussions on the competitiveness of the Italian ports and logistics system and how they can contribute to the growth of the Italian industrial and distribution system.

The “Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry” forum will provide participants with the opprtunity to address current issues in the industry, with a special focus on the motorways of the sea, the logistic nodes (maritime and inland ports), railway system, intermodal networks and the latest innovations in the logistics process. One of the topics under the spotlight will be the recent reforms of the sector and the expected boost the reforms will bring to the national strategic plan for ports and logistics. Delegates at the symposium will hear updates on this from the perspective of various main players in the national logistics system and from representatives from the industrial and financial world.

SOS LOG will be represented by Vice-President Renzo Provedel, who will join the round table titled “Sustainable Logistics: engine of innovation and growth” (Meregalli Hall, 4PM-6PM). Here the abstract of the session:

Logistics and freight transport represent today one of the major human activities on Earth. Being so relevant, these sectors must participate in the common effort to reduce our environmental footprint, and accept the challenge to provide quality of service at a competitive cost. For logistic companies, sustainability has a strategic and competitive relevance, enhanced by laws and regulations, public incentives systems and pressure from clients and partners, more and more interested in tracking and reporting their supply chain environmental scorecard. The two possible directions, which will be both discussed during the session, are the reduction of the environmental footprint of the equipment, the infrastructures and the vehicles used, on the other hand, the optimization of available resources, increasing the efficiency of the whole system.



  • The EU policies fostering sustainable cargo freight
  • The economic impact of non-sustainable choices 
  • The CO2 footprint of the Food Supply Chain
  • White Certificates
  • Supply Chain and Sustainability: italian best practices and projects
  • The future of logistics transport


We invite you to participate, registering on the event website: www.shippingmeetsindustry.it


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